Monthly Archives: August 2014

Twitter posts real-time clustering

Huge popularity growth for natural language processing havily grasped my attention in recent time.

Special thanks to @jmgomez for his unique twitter posts on the NLP and data mining topic.

I’m not an expert in Python but I was lucky to find out best tools to work with it from very beginning. There are lots of various IDEs for python, but in my opinion nothing will beat down PyCharm studio (from JetBrains).

I also started from studying a few courses on the topic (from Coursera), they are good and if you are seriously interested in NLP – you need to check them as well:

BTW, if you by chance have the practical assignments for the latter – please, drop me a private message in twitter or by email as I wasn’t able to find them online.

I decided to start my research with simple problem – analyzing tweets to classify them based on some group of classes.

Here is the whole project on github, I will launch this on the web very soon.